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3 Tips to Avoid Multitasking and Missing the Moment
5 Money-Saving Tips for Summer Vacation Planning
2012 Free or Discounted Summer Movies in Rowan and Davie County 
Adding Colors Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Free Clues and Answers
Advent Calendar Provides Hands-on Opportunity to Learn About Christmas
Advent Wreath Helps Prepare Mind and Heart for Christmas Season \
Amazing Sunflower Field Near Catawba College in North Carolina
Doing the Right Thing Because it is the Right Thing to Do 
Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt for Older Kids
Easter Scavenger Hunt Based on the Gospel of Mark
Easter Scavenger Hunt With Rhyming Clues
Enjoy Christmas Lights With the Kids for Free
Even or Odd Number of Letters in Your Name Game
Favorite Valentine's Day Craft and Gift Ideas
Favorite Versions of Christmas Songs – Music to Remember
Free Break a Leg Printable Message
Free Printable Congratulations Notes for the Last Day of School
Free Printable "I Love You" Notes
Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt
Free Printable Words of Encouragement 
Free Printable Words of Thanks
Free Printable Words of Thanks for Veterans 
Free Star Printables – Encourage a Kid to Shine!
Fun Outdoor Winter Snow Games for Families With Kids 
Fun Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin
Fun Ways to Enjoy Birding with the Family – Three Favorite Tips
Gardening: Great Way to Connect With Kids
How to Avoid Crowds at Amusement Parks
How to Find Money-Saving Tips for Fun Summer Children's Activities
How to Keep Christmas Meaningful and Special for Your Family
How to Make a Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt – So Simple and Quick!
How to Make a Pinata With a Splash of Bright Colors 
How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt Without the Brawl
How to Stay Within Budget at Christmas: 3 Tips to Avoid Holiday Debt
Board Games and Card Games for Winter Fun and Family Bonding
Enjoy Fall Activities With Kids and Teach Life Skills 
Great Low Cost Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Members
Hide and Seek – Variations for Fun Indoor Family Activities
How to Connect With Kids
How to Find Cheap Movies 
How to Find Free Movies
How to Wrap a Gift When the Recipient Likes to Peek
How to Save Money on Halloween
Inspirational Videos With an Anti-Bully Message
Is Your School Environmentally Friendly?
Katrena's American Flag Scavenger Hunt
Katrena's Christmas and Advent Hymns Scavenger Hunt
Katrena's Good Hygiene Scavenger Hunt
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #1 – Free Clues, Directions & Answers
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #2 – Free Clues, Directions & Answers 
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #3 – Free Clues and Prizes
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #4 With Alphabet Code Clues 
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #5 – Free Clues, Answers & Rewards
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #6: Heart Treasure Hunt
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #7: United States Patriotic Theme
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #8: Under the Same Sky
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #9: Civil Rights
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #10: Popular Characters
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #11: Snow Fun
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #12: Going Green to Save the Earth
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #13: Traditional Indoor Treasure Hunt
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #14: Famous Firsts
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #15: Enjoy the Snow!
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #16: Tools
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #17: Weather
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #18: Flowers
Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #19: Under the Seas
Katrena's Scavenger Hunt #1 for Teachers
Katrena's Super Simple Indoor or Outdoor Game for Kids
Katrena's Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt with Rhyming Riddles
Kids Can Learn a Lot About Life From Veterans
Kids Want to Play When You are Exhausted? Quick and Easy Game
More Free Printable Words of Thanks
Nativity Scenes Showcase Birth of Jesus for Christmas and Advent
New Year's Drops – 6 Changes to Create a Better You
Notes of Encouragement for End of Grade Testing
One Way to Keep Living After the Death of Someone You Love
Playground Can be Fun Free Way to Connect With Kids
Quick & Easy Fun Flaming Tongues of Fire Pentecost Craft
Rainbow Resolutions for the New Year – Make a Colorful Plan!
Rowan County Military Honor Guard – Still Serving Fellow Veterans
Sasha Shops Salisbury Book Signing October 20 at Stitchin Post Gifts in Salisbury NC
Saving Grace Horse Farm in Salisbury, NC – Where the Horses Whisper Back!
Smile! Free Printable Notes That Say Smile
Tax Holidays – Just Another Way to Rip off the Customer?
The Day Our Nation Cried – Musical Tribute to Sandy Hook
The Sound of Music – How an Old Movie Can Connect Generations
Tips for Camping With Kids – Practical Ways to Plan for a Great Family Vacation
Veterans Day – A Special Day for Remembering and Honoring Vets
Unexpected Blessings of Adopting a Shelter Dog
Valentine's Day Puppet Show in Cooleemee North Carolina
Welcome to Wildflower Bouquets
Wizard of Oz Scavenger Hunt – Free Clues and a Surprise at the End!