Monday, October 22, 2012

The Sound of Music – How an Old Movie Can Connect Generations

Memories of The Sound of Music - Photo by Stephen McKay at Wikimedia Commons
Some movies seem to transcend time and may weave a thread that ties the young to the old. The other day as I was picking up my daughters from the childcare area at a gym, I began to sing "So long, farewell, auf weidersehen good-bye!" An adult in the nursery immediately caught a gleam in her eyes and joined in!

Sound of Music Tunes by Richard Rodgers - Photo World Telegram Staff Photographer from Wikimedia Commons
Yes, she remembered the movie The Sound of Music as well and began to sing with me. We stopped for a few moments to reminisce about memories of this amazing movie featuring memorable songs, scenes, and wonderful talent.

Ways to Connect Generations - Photo by Jonas Sternerson at Wikimedia Commons
Songs from the movie always make me think of sewing. My mom had a record of the sound track and would play it as she helped me learn to read sewing directions, cut out a pattern without cutting off the tabs, make a ruffle without breaking the threads, and attempt to make a finished product that would actually fit.

My daughters had never seen this classic musical from 1959. What a thrill to find the DVD at a nearby library! I then had the pleasure of watching with my girls as Maria became acquainted with the von Trapps and eventually transformed them into a family with a much richer harmony.

Maria VonTrapp History - Photo by U.S. District Court by District of Vermont at Wikimedia Commons
I did a little online research about the movie, its history, and cast members, and shared some of that information with my daughters. Mom mentioned that she remembered watching the television excitedly as someone interviewed the woman upon whose life the movie was based. My girls were curious about the flag and military presence in the movie and began to understand more of the world's history as we talked. They also learned that some of our ancestors had a pin cushion shaped like Hitler's rear end!

Although The Sound of Music is over 50 years old, the film captured my daughters' attention and they enjoyed the classic as much as any modern movie they have seen. I hope my girls will glean the idea of being brave enough to step in the directions they feel called to go.

Young and Old in One - by cartoonist W.B. Hill from Wikimedia Commons
Today if I happen to start singing a song from The Sound of Music, three younger voices join in. Those voices represent the hope of the future!

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