Thursday, July 4, 2013

Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #7: United States Patriotic Theme

Scavenger Hunt Clues with American Theme
This free scavenger hunt encourages players to learn more about America, a fitting theme for this 4th of July! It includes ten questions and answers, clues for hiding, and prizes. This game may be played by several players. Some questions are harder than others, and some questions may have multiple correct answers. Feel free to ask for more details if you wish to challenge players. For example, ask for the name/author of the National Anthem or ask if the players know the capitals of the states they named. Some of the links below have extra learning opportunities as well.

  1. Print the list of questions, clues, and prizes (click on the images below and choose file-print on most computers).
  2. Cut out the clues and prizes.
  3. Hide each clue in the designated area.
  4. Read each question to participants and provide hints if needed.
  5. When questions are answered correctly, identify the area where players should look for the next clue.
  6. Give each player a prize for completing the hunt.
  7. Have fun!

Click here to see the words for the Pledge of Allegiance today and in the past.
The three colors on the American flag are: red, white, blue
There are 50 states in the United States.
Click here to find a list of states and capitals.
Click here to find lyrics and the tune for the National Anthem of the United States.
Click here for a list of Presidents of the United States.
The branches of the U.S. military are: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy

Suggestions for hiding clues (modify/update the list as needed):
  1. Hallway
  2. Front door
  3. Bedroom
  4. Bathroom
  5. Under a rug
  6. Kitchen
  7. Living room
  8. Bookshelf
  9. Under a chair
  10. On a window sill
Questions for Katrena's Patriotic Indoor Scavenger Hunt #7
Clues for Katrena's Patriotic Scavenger Hunt #7
Prizes for Katrena's United States Themed Scavenger Hunt #7

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