Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Katrena's Scavenger Hunt #12 – Going Green to Save the Earth!

Conservation Scavenger Hunt by Katrena
Doing our part to save the earth is a daily choice. Adults and children can make a huge difference in how we conserve energy and use resources wisely. This latest scavenger hunt is a "green" one that has twelve conservation tips.

If you wish to save paper, feel free to pull up the riddles on the computer screen and read them. If you are printing, each page is designed to fit on half a piece of paper, so you can turn it around and print the next page on the other half. You might also print on the back of paper that is ready for recycling.

Here are some additional resources related to conservation:

  • Click on each image below to enlarge.
  • Print the riddles, clues, and hidden message using file-print.
  • Cut the letters of the hidden message and hide in the twelve locations (scramble the order to add difficulty). You may wish to print enough for each player to have one of each letter or have all players share and work together.
To play...
  • Have players read and answer each riddle.
  • When answered correctly, give them a clue to find the hidden letter.
  • Players assemble the twelve letters to spell the secret message: CONSERVATION.
  • You may wish to discuss ways in which your family and/or class works together to conserve our resources and how you might do more in the future.
Here are the first six riddles:
Green Treasure Hunt on Conservation

Here are the last six riddles:
Scavenger Hunt about Recycling

Here are the answers to the twelve riddles:
Fun Ways to Teach Kids about Recycling and Conserving Resources

Here are the hints for finding the letters of the secret message:
Creative Teaching Aids

Here is the secret message:
Scavenger Hunt for Teaching Children

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