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Free Printable St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt for St. Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day has some interesting history and I thought it might be fun to create some St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt questions and clues. I have ten questions and answers as well as printable prizes to find for each correct question. This scavenger hunt may be used inside or outside and can be adapted for the classroom or home, large or small groups. It also offers practice in writing and learning names as well as cooperation and teamwork for groups.

Provide some background information about St. Patrick's Day, making sure that the kids know they will be doing a scavenger hunt to test their memories! A good resource for learning about St. Patrick's Day is on the History Channel. I also added a few clues about colors, so you might want to review mixing colors, the rainbow, etc. Generally speaking, the even numbered clues are a little more challenging than the odd numbered clues.

Supplies you'll need
  • Questions and answers below.
  • One sheet of printable prizes for each child. Click on the image below to enlarge and select "File - Print."
  • Ten bags - these can be as simple as plastic ziplock bags or you might use small themed bags or decorate your own paper bags. Another fun option would be ten small pots, as in pots of gold.
 Directions for the St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt
  1. Print one sheet of ten prizes for each child.
  2. Have the children to write their name on each prize (total of 10 times) and cut out each one. If you have limited time, skip having the children to write names on each one and simply have them cut out each prize.
  3. Collect each prize separately, matching the pictures, and place in a bag (total of ten numbered bags with matching prizes in each bag).
  4. When the kids are not in the area, hide each bag and make a notation where each one is located. 

  1. When the kids come back, divide them into ten groups. For groups with less then ten children, divide them into five groups, two groups or one group, depending on number of children, ages, and abilities.
  2. Ask the entire group each question and wait for someone to say the correct answer. Give hints if needed.
  3. Once the correct answer is offered, send the first group to search for bag #1. Give clues for where to find the bag if time is limited or simply have them search the entire area within certain parameters.
  4. Once they have found the bag, have that group pass out the prizes to each student per the name on each prize. If you skipped adding names, simply have this group to pass out one prize to each child - they might want to decorate them later or perhaps write notations about the holiday on each.
  5. Continue in a similar fashion for #2 through #10 (alternating groups if you have less than ten) until all prizes have been delivered.
Scavenger Hunt Questions

1. What two colors can you mix to get the color green?
2. What type of plant is associated with St. Patrick's Day?
3. In what country did St. Patrick's Day originate?
4. According to legend, St. Patrick used a shamrock to demonstrate what?
5. What is the middle color of a rainbow? Can you name the other colors of the rainbow too?
6. Where was the first St. Patrick's Day parade held?
7. What were cranky little souls responsible for mending shoes of other fairies in Celtic folklore?
8. Irish soda bread uses what leavening agent rather than yeast?
9. On what date is St. Patrick's Day typically celebrated?
10. What are two traditional St. Patrick's Day foods?

Scavenger Hunt Answers

1. Yellow and Blue
2. Shamrock or Irish Clover
3. Ireland
4. The Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)
5. Green - Red, Orange Yellow, Blue, Indigo, Violet
6. New York City, United States
7. Leprechaun
8. Baking Soda
9. March 17
10. Corned Beef and Cabbage


Click on the image below to enlarge before printing.
Prizes for Free St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

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