Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adding Colors Indoor Scavenger Hunt – Free Clues and Answers

Scavenger Hunt and Graphing Activity
Taking the three primary colors of yellow, red, and blue can produce an amazing array of new hues! I thought it would be fun to combine the mystery of a scavenger hunt with the "math facts" of adding colors and graphing.

How to Use the Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt
While the kids are in another room...
  • Print the clues (picture/rhyming) and cut them out (click on each image to enlarge and then select "file" and "print" and then click the back arrow to return to this article).
  • Print the graphing chart (easy/advanced).
  • Print the hidden message clues page, cut out each and hide in the area represented by the graph.
  1. Have the child(ren) pick a clue to solve.
  2. Tell them to graph the color combination (challenge the older ones by having them graph in both directions).
  3. Verify the answer and have the kid(s) look in the area determined by the graph until they have found all six clues.
  4. Tell the kids to determine the hidden message by arranging the colorful clues into a sentence.

Easy Clues for Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt
Rhyming Clues for Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt
This indoor scavenger hunt includes both simple picture clues for the visually oriented children and rhyming clues for those who respond well to reading. You might want to hide the hidden message clues in a challenging way for older kids or make them much easier to find if you are playing with preschoolers.

Easy Chart for Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt
Advanced Chart for Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt
This game also incorporates reading graphs! I created two versions of the chart. The easier version includes shading hints while the harder version requires the kids to read to determine the correct cells. I have included an answer key for anyone who wishes to verify the answers.

Hidden Message Clues for Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt
Answer Key for Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt

Adding Colors Scavenger Hunt and Graphing Practice

I hope the kids enjoy the color and math challenge of this adding colors scavenger hunt! My kids also love to color online. One of their favorites for combining colors is the Curious George Mix and Paint game. Find more of my free indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts, printables, boredom busters, and articles at the Wildflower Bouquets site map.

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