Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rainbow Resolutions for the New Year – Make a Colorful Plan!

Rainbow New Year's Resolutions
Rainbows are some of my favorite natural displays of color. Rainbows have inspired me more than once, appearing in the sky with a dazzling display of beautiful hues. I remember learning the colors of the rainbow in school. Mr. Barlow jumped on top of his desk and practically shouted the name "ROY G. BIV" with amazing enthusiasm as he taught us about this memorable natural phenomenon.

As another year approaches, I have decided to try something new, creating a resolution for each color of the rainbow, using the letters ROYGBIV as a guide. These resolutions are general, but one might also add specific ideas for how one plans to move toward the goals.

I have included my own printable rainbow resolution sheet and also a blank rainbow sheet on which one might wish to individualize colorful plans for the new year. I hope that each of you has a new year filled with joyful discoveries, meaningful relationships, wise decisions, and a peace that passes all understanding.

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Rainbow Resolutions for New Year

Colorful New Year's Resolutions

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