Sunday, May 19, 2013

Quick & Easy Fun Flaming Tongues of Fire Pentecost Craft

Fun and Inexpensive Tongues of Fire Craft © Katrena
Pentecost brings with it images of tongues of fire. A fun way to bring that image to life is to make tongues of fire that can dance, swirl, and float!

This craft project is very inexpensive – the supplies I bought at a Dollar Tree could make 12 for $5.00. These "tongues" are versatile and might also be used with a dance ministry or drama, and they are easily customized for children of different sizes and abilities. The kids can develop teamwork skills as they make the craft. With very few supplies, there is little clean up time and almost no mess.

Supplies for Tongues of Fire Craft
  • Streamers (I bought 2-packs of red, orange, yellow)
  • Bracelets (I bought 6-packs in the party favor section)
  • Stapler with staples
  • Scissors (optional – we simply tore ours to the desired length)
Interactive Ways to Encourage Children in Church © Katrena
Directions for Making Tongues of Fire Craft
  1. Roll out red streamer and cut or tear to the desired length (32-inches worked well for my kids – you might want to go a little shorter for preschoolers)
  2. Repeat two more times (total of 3 separate red strips)
  3. Roll out orange streamer on top of the red strips and cut or tear the same length
  4. Roll out yellow streamer on top of the red/orange strips and cut or tear the same length
  5. Stack the three layers together (total of 9 strips together)
  6. Fold the edge of the 9 strips together over the edge of the bracelet and staple 2-3 times

That's it. Encourage the children to use their imagination as they move their tongues of fire and their bodies. Add some Pentecost music and you'll quickly have flaming tongues that the kids can enjoy as they learn about the Bible in a fresh and new way!

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