Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free Printable "I Love You" Notes

Love Notes to Share
Saying "I love you" can be like second nature to some while the same words can leave others feeling like they are trying to speak another language. I tend to remember things if I can see the words in written form. If everyone around me would wear nametags for a week, I would probably remember all of those names forever!

Since my kids tend to be visual learners as well, I decided to create some printable love notes for them. I enjoy slipping notes in their lunch boxes so that they can be sure that I am thinking about them even when I cannot be right by their sides.

These notes can work great for special occasions like Valentine's Day or any other day that you would just like to say I love you with a note. Send them to kids or adults. Feel free to add your own personal message and signature on the back.

I created these simple love notes in MS PowerPoint using clip art from Art Explosion 300,000. I am including them as a .jpg file to enlarge as a printable image and am also copying and pasting within the article so that hopefully you will be able to find a format you can use.

Notes that say I love you
I hope you enjoy these printable "I love you" notes and check my site for other great ideas for enjoying simple pleasures with the family!

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