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Easter Scavenger Hunt With Rhyming Clues

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt With Rhyming Clues
This Easter treasure hunt offers some fun variety combined with solving riddles, hunting Easter eggs, and finding a hidden message! My three daughters, ages 11, 9, and 5, enjoyed this scavenger hunt with lots of surprises along the way.

You will need Easter eggs in multiples of 12 up to a total of 48 eggs and one basket for each child or team of children. This scavenger hunt may be played with one or more children and is well suited to indoor or outdoor play, depending on the weather and your own needs. You can vary the difficulty of the game through your choice of hiding places for the eggs.

While the children are in another area...
  1. Print the 12 rhyming clues and cut on lines. (Click on the images below to enlarge and then use File - Print.)
  2. Print answers to the clues if needed.
  3. Print any or all of the color-coded EASTER SUNDAY cards and cut on lines, placing one letter inside of each Easter egg.
  4. Hide the Easter eggs.
When the children return...
  1. Read the clues and ask for answers - arrange the kids on teams or call on children individually. (I had my three children to take turns so that each would answer four clues.)
  2. After all clues are answered, give directions about the number of eggs each child should find. For example, I have three children and hid twelve eggs, making the limit for each child four eggs.
  3. After the kids find all the hidden eggs, have them open the eggs to discover the hidden message. If you have printed more than one color, have the kids sort the letters by color first.
While playing this game, the kids can learn about teamwork, colors, counting, reading, rhyming, and perhaps a few new things about Easter.

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