Monday, April 7, 2014

Easter Scavenger Hunt Based on the Gospel of Mark

Easter Scavenger Hunt
I designed this Easter scavenger hunt to help children to learn more about the Biblical Easter account in Mark 14 through 16. After reading the chapters together, you can help the kids to see what they remember by using this scavenger hunt.

This scavenger hunt is easily adaptable to church groups - simply tweak the hints for where to look to suit the location.

Set-up for the Easter Scavenger Hunt:
  1. Click on the images below to enlarge.
  2. Print and cut out the 12 questions.
  3. Print the answers to the questions if needed.
  4. Print the suggestions for hiding the letters or modify as needed.
  5. Print and cut out the hidden message letters and "the" (1 set for each participant or team)
  6. Place one letter in each egg (or simply hide the letters if you prefer not to use eggs) and place in the designated area ensuring that each participant will have the opportunity to find each letter - mix up the order of the letters for an added challenge. I recommend hiding all eggs with one letter in one location and then move to the next location and hide the next letter, etc. You can easily make this scavenger hunt more or less challenging by the way in which you hide the letters/eggs.
  1. Read the first question - when participants answer correctly, tell them where to look. (Consider pairing younger kids with older ones or have participants rotate reading and answering questions.)
  2. Repeat for questions #2-12.
  3. Once participants have found all 12 letters, give them "the" and have them assemble the letters to spell "Jesus the Messiah"
  4. If time allows, have participants glue the message on a piece of paper and encourage them draw a picture of the Easter story.
  5. This would be a good opportunity to discuss what a Messiah is and have everyone talk about the Bible passage and what it means to them.
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Clues 1-6 for Easter Scavenger Hunt

Clues 7-12 for Easter Scavenger Hunt

Answers for Easter Scavenger Hunt

Suggestions for Hiding the Letters

Jesus the Messiah Message for Easter Scavenger Hunt


  1. Nice.

    -Aizaz Nabil

  2. You are just so creative! I've spent an hour (so far) downloading your scavenger hunts. Thank you for the effort you have put forth on our behalf.

  3. Thanks - my kids have enjoyed the scavenger hunts and are always looking forward to the next one. Kids can come up with some good ideas for scavenger hunts too!


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