Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Star Printables – Encourage a Kid to Shine!

Free Star Printables at Katrena's Wilflower Bouquets Blog
As the first day of school is rapidly approaching in my neck of the woods, I thought I would create some star printables with messages of encouragement. These stars of encouragement can be great for placing in a backpack, bookbag, or lunch so that the kids can have a helpful surprise as they work toward their goals at school or elsewhere.

  1. Click on the image below to enlarge.
  2. Choose "File" then "Print."
  3. You can print two of these per page.
Notes of Encouragement with Star Theme

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  1. Set attainable goals for each student then they will hard work to reach their goals.

    Encouragement Messages To Students

    1. I agree with that! It is such a wonderful experience to see kids excel as they are encouraged.


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