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Favorite Valentine's Day Craft and Gift Ideas

Best Valentine's Day Craft and Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day lends itself to some great craft and gift ideas. I fondly remember receiving a heart-shaped box with chocolates in it each Valentine's Day from my dad. That simple gift always made me feel special and loved. And, of course, you can't go wrong with chocolate for many people!

I have always loved to make homemade Valentines using hearts cut out of various colors of construction paper and handwritten messages. The kids can draw on them, write special messages, or add any special touch they like. These Valentines might not be terribly fancy, but they can touch the heart and become a keepsake for years to come.

Below are some of my favorite Valentine's Day gift and craft ideas. I hope you enjoy them!

Valentine Bookmarks – These are oh so simple. There are several from which to choose and four will print on a page. You can find love quotes from Shakespeare as well as blank ones with cute pictures near the bottom of the page. This is a great practical gift idea for someone and can remind him or her of your love each time they open their book.

Fingerprint Heart – This example of a simple fingerprint heart shows how you can incorporate each person's uniquely colored fingerprints onto a single heart shape for a keepsake Valentine.

Lovebug Painted Rocks –  These painted rocks are colorful and whimsical and can make a unique Valentine Day gift for someone special.

Mosaic Valentine – This simple idea can be a fun way to recycle old pieces of paper. I like the way the example looks a bit like stained glass. Kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy this Valentine's Day paper craft.

Origami Heart – The kids and I made some of these and sent them to the Japanese embassy after 2011 earthquake and tsunami. They are easy to make – my 7-year-old mastered this folded heart as I demonstrated and you can personalize them with your own message hidden inside.

Woven Heart Basket – For those who are up to a bit of a challenge, this woven heart basket can be a lot of fun. My mom talked of how her grandmother used to make woven heart baskets. These look really cute with two contrasting colors. I first saw these at a program at our local library. Younger kids will need help. Adults who are craft challenged may also need help.

Heart-shaped Sugar Cookies – Although this page is geared toward Christmas sugar cookies, it is easy to modify with a Valentine theme. Simply use cookie cutters that are in a heart shape or other Valentine theme. These sugar cookies taste great!

Rose Tissue Paper Flower – These paper flowers look a cut above many other examples. The secret is in how to cut the tissue paper after folding it.

Pony Bead Heart – For those older kids who are into beading, this craft provides a fairly simple, 2-color pattern for making a beaded heart keychain.

Edible Valentine for Birds – This can make a great Valentine's gift for someone who enjoys watching the birds. This popcorn shaped heart can be hung outside, but probably won't last for long after a few feathered friends find it.

Wooden Heart Picture Frame – Kids who love to glue and create their own designs will love to make this simple picture frame using pre-cut wooden hearts glued to a picture frame. Choosing the perfect picture will make this Valentine craft a keeper.

Valentine Button Heart Gift Bag – Buttons hold somewhat of a sentimental value for me. I remember collecting a small box of buttons from my great-grandmother's sewing cabinet after she died. Buttons offer a wide variety of styles and colors, and this simple gift bag idea is cute and fairly easy. Adults will need to help with the hot glue, of course.

Heart Log Cabin Quilt Pattern – My granny was an expert quilter and loved to make quilts of all kinds. I have fallen in love with this quilt design. My kids are interested in sewing and quilting, and this could make a great craft, but it will take a little time. This would also make a wonderful prayer quilt pattern. This site does not provide the pattern, but a simple log cabin pattern could be modified to make this cute quilt.

Crochet Valentine Hearts – These crocheted hearts are really cute with simple directions. The web site is very detailed, listing tips for mailing and exactly what type of yard she used in addition to step-by-step directions.

I hope you have found some great Valentine craft ideas out of this list of my favorites. Who knows? Some folks might get or give a wildflower bouquet for the special occasion!

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