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Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #18 Flowers

Katrena's Scavenger Hunt #18 Flowers
Spring has sprung with all its glorious beauty in my neck of the woods. I love to growing flowers and enjoy meandering through flower gardens of all types. This scavenger hunt features ten flowers. The clues often have quite a few hints for those who have studied the history of these beauties. This scavenger hunt could lend itself well to an outdoor hunt, but you may wish to take something like a penny to the back of the flower pictures to keep them from blowing away.

Most are well known by those of us who grow flowers, but this hunt may be challenging for those who aren't familiar with the names of flowers. Have no fear! I have included options to help identify the flowers. Each clue has an end-rhyming word in the second line and the last line includes an adjective that begins with the first letter of the flower. You have the option to offer a word bank if players are stumped.

This scavenger hunt might be additionally educational as some of the clues have a few vocabulary words that players might learn how to pronounce in addition to the meaning of the words. I chose photos that exemplified some of the more well-known varieties of these flowers; participants may wish to search for images of additional varieties. This would be a great time to plant your own flower garden after playing the game; you might consider planting a couple from the scavenger hunt. You might also consider going for a walk and identifying various flowers, taking photos of your favorites.

I wish to give credit to the various photos I used for this hunt. Many thanks to the photographers on Morguefile for providing these free of charge. See the graphic below for photographer names and URLs:
Flower Photographer Attribution for Katrena's Flower Scavenger Hunt

Preparation Before the Hunt (see graphics below for free printables)

  • Print the small flower picture page for yourself and cut out each small flower picture and place them on a table in a room where players will read each clue. If you are not sure how to identify the flowers, I've included pages with each flower labeled; you may wish to print a "cheat sheet" page for yourself and label each flower.
  • Print one small flower page for each participant and cut out each small flower picture.
  • Select a different room(s) and place the small flower pictures randomly around the room(s) in places where they can easily see the pictures.
  • Print the clue page.
  • Print the congratulations bouquet page (one for each participant) and hide in a place where players won't readily see them.
  • Print the answers to the clues if needed.
  • Print the word bank if needed.

Directions for the Flowers Scavenger Hunt

  1. Have players read the first clue and solve the riddle and identify the picture of the flower.
  2. After solving the riddle, players find and bring back the photo of the matching flower.
  3. Repeat for each riddle.
  4. After all riddles are solved and small flower pictures are found, have participants search for the congratulations bouquet(s).

Additional articles

Thank you for visiting my Wildflowers Bouquets blog. Feel free to scroll down to the bottom to share your favorite flower, experience with my scavenger hunt, etc.
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Labels for Iris and Tulip on Katrena's Scavenger Hunt #18 Flowers

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Labels for Carnation and Orchid on Katrena's Scavenger Hunt #18 Flowers

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