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Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #17: Weather

Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #17: Weather
This indoor scavenger hunt features rhyming riddles for ten different types of weather. I have included a list of answers and ideas for hiding the riddles as well as an added hidden message for finding with the clues. I hope your family enjoys this scavenger hunt as much as we have. At the moment we are snowed in and looking for fun indoor activities!


  1. Have the players go to a room where you will not be hiding clues.
  2. Print the riddles, answers, hints for finding the riddles, and hidden message. 
  3. Ensure that you have frozen treats for all players (optional).
  4. Keep the first riddle and one letter of the hidden message and hide each of the remaining riddles with one hidden message letter in the area described for answering the previous one. The last place will only contain the last letter for the hidden message.
  5. Give the players the first riddle and one letter for the hidden message.
  6. As the players solve each riddle, give them a hint about where to hunt for the next riddle and letter.
  7. Surprise the players with a frozen treat after solving the last riddle!
NOTE: The hidden message letters spell meteorology, which is the study of the atmosphere with an emphasis on weather and forecasting the weather. These letters may be hidden in the exact order for an easier level, or you may wish to scramble the order of letters to add another challenge to the scavenger hunt. I hid mine in the opposite order so the kids would find the double letters "ME" at the last station. ("Oh, this popsicle is for ME?")

If the players are having a hard time guessing the correct type of weather, you can provide a word bank using the answer sheet. Ask the player to pick out the answer that rhymes with the blue letter in the riddle.

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