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How to Find Free Movies

A good movie can provide fun entertainment for the family, but with tighter budgets, some may assume that watching movies is a luxury one cannot afford. Actually, there are quite a few free movie deals out there, especially for those who wish to watch movies that have been out few a few weeks or longer.

Local Library May Offer Free Movies
Find Free Movies at Libraries

One of the first places I look for free movies is the public library. Many county libraries offer free movie rentals. I have checked out lots of family-friendly movies, and it only cost the gas money to drive there. Public libraries may offer free movie rentals for two weeks or longer, and many libraries offer a free card to people who live outside the county in addition to people living within the county.

Libraries typically have a limit for the number of movies per library card, but patrons may check out more when the first ones are returned. If you find that the movie you wish to see seems to always be checked out, you can request a hold and the library staff will check out the movie to those on the waiting list first.

Some libraries may only offer DVDs or perhaps Blu-rays, but a few may still have VHS tapes for check-out or may sell the older movies during book sales or special offers, so it might be helpful to get on a mailing list, email list, or check to see if they post notices on social media sites. We have found everything from classics to Disney blockbuster hits. You might even pick up some great videos about local history, ideas for travel, or even old episodes of sitcoms for free at the library. Those who financially support the library may have early bird opportunities or might be able to enjoy exclusive sales.

Summer reading programs at the libraries may also include special movie times in which families are invited to watch a movie on a big screen. They may even offer free refreshments or allow moviegoers to bring in their own snacks for the show. Even if the kids have seen the movie before, it may be fun and exciting again in a different location.

Find Free Movies When Friends Clean Closets © Katrena
More Tips for Finding Free Movies

My kids were delighted to discover that our local community college also has a movie section in their library. We found several recent releases at the community college for free check-out. College campuses may also offer free movie times for students and perhaps others on a regular schedule.

Family or friends may be cleaning out closets or be planning a move and might give away movies, offer trades, or sell the videos for a very low price. Many people have a collection of movies at their home that the kids have watched over and over, so this can be a great free way to switch out for some different titles. Some online sites like Freecycle offer people the opportunity to trade and donate items no longer wanted.

Those who write lots of movie reviews, especially for big web sites, may be able to secure some free new release movies for the purpose of reviewing them. The company will probably want to see evidence that you have experience as a reviewer, especially of movies, so it helps to have a great collection of original and trusted reviews. The free offer would need to be disclosed in the movie review, but this does not need to bias a person's viewpoint. If you write negative reviews on a free product, you might not be offered many more free deals by that company, but it might work best to move toward those that you do enjoy.

Online Deals for Free Movies

Some movies might be offered online for free. These might be short clips or full length movies. A library may offer free access to web sites that require a fee, so one might be able to find movies via streaming through this venue as well.

Some movie rental companies offer free deals when purchasing certain advertised products. These deals may work out very nicely for a customer who already plans to purchase those products, but be careful about purchasing products that you do not need or want in order to get a discount if you are on a tight budget.

Companies that rent or sell movies may offer a free trial of their service for first-time customers or may offer a free rental after renting a certain number of movies or during certain times of the year. Watch for movie freebies on their home web sites. You might also find free movie tickets with the purchase of another online. Ensure that you are using a secure web site if purchasing any product online.

Some online movies and shows may be offered for free for those who sign up as members of the site. Most of these companies, such as, are able to offer online movies through the use of advertising. Some libraries may offer access to web sites that would normally charge for access. Check with a local library to see if perhaps they have free access to web sites that offer video streaming.

Some internet survey sites, such as MyPoints, may offer deals for free gift cards that might be used to purchase or rent movies. Some of these sites may offer points or credit for looking at advertisements or completing surveys that do not cost the person anything other than time. People who are members of these sites may also get added points if they refer friends to sign up for the program.

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A Free Movie That Can be Priceless

One of my favorite ways to watch a free movie is for my kids to put on a show for me at home. They may know the lines of a favorite movie by heart. They may be able to sing every song. Why not let them don some crazy costumes and invite me to our own home movie theater? It is guaranteed to be a show like no other!

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