Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Katrena's Super Simple Indoor or Outdoor Game for Kids #1

Quick and Easy Game for Children
Looking for a super simple game for children to play inside or outside? This one requires minimal set-up and is very easy to play but encourages reading, counting, color recognition, teamwork, and physical activity. You may find that the group likes to play this one over and over or the kids might want to get creative and make their own list of activities to play!

How to Play
  1. Print the 10 prompts (below) and cut out.
  2. Cut out brightly colored construction paper just a little larger than the prompts
  3. Glue the prompts to the construction paper.
  4. Fold in half with the colored paper to the outside.
  5. Place the prompts in a large circle on the floor or ground - keep them in order or randomly place them.
  6. Divide the class into five or ten groups - if you have less than five children, simply have the kids rotate.
  7. Let the kids take turns opening and reading the prompts, providing assistance as needed.
  8. Everyone performs each of the directions while counting out loud together.

Skip around the circle 1 time.

Hop on one foot 2 times.

Twirl around 3 times.

Shake hands with 4 people.

Sit down and stand up 5 times.

Jump up high 6 times.

Wiggle your hips 7 times.

Stomp your feet 8 times.

Raise your hands over your head 9 times.

Clap your hands 10 times.

I hope you enjoy this fun and easy game for kids. Visit the Katrena's Wildflower Bouquets site map for more ideas, including scavenger hunts, printables, and more.

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