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Fun Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

Pumpkin Decorated like a Minion © Katrena
Pumpkins can readily bring out one's creative juices. With a big blank orange slate, one can make an endless variety of eye-catching designs using paint, markers, and a little bit of time. With a bit of glue, the pumpkin can grow various and sundry interesting additions to transform into...well...anything.

Fire Safety Sparky Pumpkin © Katrena
Our elementary school offers a pumpkin decorating contest each year in which children bring spare change and vote for their favorite designs by placing coins in the bucket beside favorite picks. After announcing the winner of the contest, the proceeds are then split among the teachers in order to purchase books for the classroom in the spring.

Creative and Fun Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin © Katrena
Many teachers are famous for having creativity – instructors are often challenged to create hands-on learning opportunities on a low budget. Decorating a pumpkin seems second nature to many classroom teachers.

Pumpkin Decorated to Look Like Arthur © Katrena
Some of the pumpkins had a reading theme as various book characters greeted the kids. Of course, lots of children recognized famous characters from age-old fairy tales to popular movies of today.

Pumpkin Decorated Like Gumball Machine © Katrena
Pumpkins also took on the shape of lots of animals and of course funny faces as well. Common objects that attract children also topped the creativity list.

Fun Pumpkin Decorating Ideas © Katrena
Some teachers featured children in the class. For example, the Cinderella carriage displayed cards written by each student in which they listed their own dreams while another pumpkin displayed pictures of students.

Creative Ways to Support Literacy © Katrena
Pumpkins can also serve as a platform for social issues or as a way to encourage others or can remind kids of safety issues.

Spooky Dracula and Dracula's Wife Pumpkins © Katrena
Of course, October lends itself well to Halloween-themed pumpkins.

Papa Smurf Pumpkin and Pumpkin With a Fever © Katrena
Pumpkins can become funny, zany, creative, or just plain weird with just a little creativity, time, and a few simple and inexpensive supplies.

Duck Dynasty Pumpkin Decoration © Katrena
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