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Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #16 Tools

Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #16
This scavenger hunt is all about tools. Lots of people are interested to know what is in a toolbox. Some names of tools and supplies in this hunt are a little more challenging than others; however, I have included rhyming riddles to help those who might not be as familiar with tool names. I recommend having a word bank list on hand if the players get stumped on a riddle.

My Papaw was a brick mason and taught himself how to build houses. He was amazingly talented! I remember when I was younger, he sent me out to his truck, filled to the brim with what looked to be a million different tools, to retrieve one of those mysterious items. He told me the name of the tool, but I quickly realized my search would be in vain unless I gathered more information. Papaw carefully and patiently described the tool; I was eventually able to deliver the item. Knowing the names of various tools has its advantages.

Before the Hunt

  1. Print and cut out the rhyming riddles below.
  2. Print the answers below if needed - you might cut out only the answers as a word bank if needed.
  3. Print the prizes below.
  4. Gather the tools listed in the answers or print pictures of the items. Use a picture of the saw and any other tools that might pose a safety hazard for participants. *An adult may need to accompany the participant to each area and to ensure safety, depending on the age, maturity, and ability of the participants if you are using any actual tools.
  5. Place an empty box or toolbox in the starting area.
  6. Keep Riddle #1.
  7. Tape Riddle #2 onto the tool described on Riddle #1.
  8. Repeat until Riddles #2-12 are attached to a tool/picture.
  9. Tape a prize to the answer for Riddle #12.
  10. Hide the tools/pictures around the house. If the weather is nice, consider hiding them outside. To prevent them from finding additional tools early, you might designate one room or area for searching for each riddle - if you do this, write down the rooms or areas in order.

Directions for Players

  1. Go over safety rules - no running and do not touch any sharp edges!
  2. Give the player(s) Riddle #1.
  3. Once they solve the riddle, have them find that item and place it in the toolbox. Tell players which room or area in which to search if you have designated areas for each tool.
  4. Repeat until all riddles are solved and all tools/pictures are found and in the toolbox and the final prize is found.

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