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Great Low Cost Gift Ideas for Friends and Family Members

Homemade Raggedies Make Great Inexpensive Gift Idea © Katrena
Those looking for meaningful gift ideas without a high price tag might consider a variety of unusual gift ideas that may carry a world of meaning without straining an already bare bones budget.

Give the Gift of Service for the Holidays © Katrena
Gifts of Service

Those who are physically able might consider offering a gift of service. Give a specific service that would be helpful to him or her. Examples of service gift ideas include:
  • Indoor cleaning
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • "Odd" jobs, such as changing light bulbs, cleaning the gutters, or cleaning a vehicle
  • Yard work
  • Child care (especially helpful before the holidays if the person is a single parent)
  • Driving (especially helpful to seniors who may find night driving difficult)
  • Filing (computer savvy folks might offer to file information in electronic storage devices with written instructions on how to retrieve the information)
  • Organizing and labeling photographs or helping to create a scrapbook
  • Offering to help decorate and take down decorations after a holiday 
  • Grooming a pet or offering to keep a pet(s) while the person goes on a vacation
  • Whittling down the person's "to do" list – ask about what the person may have been planning to do for a while that he or she might like for you to do
Help With Odd Jobs Can be Great Gift Idea © Katrena
Those who are caregivers might particularly find a bit of respite care to be helpful. Many caregivers have very little time for themselves and might appreciate an offer to watch a loved one. Take the time to learn the routine and get tips about specific aspects of care in order to provide a safe and smooth transition.

Heartfelt Letter Can be Great Idea for Inexpensive Gift © Katrena
Heartfelt Letter

Many people rush through the holiday season with little time for much other than a casual hello. Taking the time to write a specific letter of thanks to a person might be a great way to provide a special gift to someone else that may cheer the soul and can honor that person in a meaningful way. Writing regularly throughout the year might be a tradition to start during a holiday as well.

Ideas for information in a special letter might include:
  • Words of appreciation
  • Special memories that you have shared with that person
  • How that person has influenced your life
  • Inspiring words or an original poem
  • Artwork by yourself or a child(ren)
  • Recorded messages or music that you sing or play

Spending Time Together Can be a Great Low Cost Gift Idea © Katrena
Time together

While some are in a rush going from one place to the next, others in one's life may be quite alone. Setting aside a special time to enjoy that person's company might serve to strengthen ties and provide a great way to share in the life of another. Time together might be informal, which can be a great way to allow for impromptu conversations and can show that you value the other person enough to spend time with him or her.

Those who might not be able to spend time together in person might find that they can connect in other ways such as one the telephone or via the computer.

Homemade Christmas Gifts Carry Great Sentimental Value © Katrena
Handmade Gifts

Those with a hobby might have a wide variety of supplies around the house for making a special gift for another person. Scraps of cloth can be made into a crazy quilt pillow or a doll. Small pieces of wood can be transformed into beautiful ornaments or a toothpick holder. Yarn can be woven into a nice hat or scarf.

With a little imagination and time, small and simple items can become great, unique gifts for special people on your list. This can also give you the opportunity to personalize the gift to reflect the person's interests.
Make a Memory With Handmade Gifts © Katrena
I have made an ornament for each of my kids for Christmas each year. I include her name and year on each ornament and each year they enjoy putting up their own special ornaments on the tree. My mom made stockings for each of us kids, and those simple gifts carry a wealth of great Christmas memories for me and my siblings to this day.

Although giving and receiving gifts often carries a high price tag, many of the most cherished gifts are those given from the heart.

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