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Sasha Shops Salisbury Book Signing October 20 at Stitchin Post Gifts in Salisbury NC

Sasha Shops Salisbury - Find the Book at Stitchin Post © Katrena
Most folks and perhaps a few animals who have been shopping in downtown Salisbury have probably found a shop nestled close to the corner of Innes and Main at 104 S. Main Street. Stitchin Post Gifts is one of those shops that my kids love to visit. The shiny jewelry catches their dazzled eyes. The unique gifts and clothing items capture their attention. The Kit-Cat clocks mesmerize them, and the large stuffed animals seem to beckon from the aisles. But the biggest attraction for my kids is Sasha Kitty.

Enjoy Downtown Salisbury and Help Animals © Katrena
Sasha runs the shop. Well, perhaps that is a stretch, but she does live there. Sasha is the cat that might be gracing the front window, sashaying through the isles, or perhaps may be perched on a stool behind the cash register, watching to ensure that everything is done properly. She might even be hiding if there are large numbers of people shuffling in and out during a Salisbury Night Out event. Sasha is a special cat, loved by those who work and shop at the store. My kids adore Sasha and decide their day has definitely taken a turn for the best if they can get a glimpse of her!

Fund Raiser for Faithful Friends in Rowan County © Katrena
But my kids aren't the only ones who particularly love this furry feline. Sasha has quite a reputation in Salisbury, and now she has her own children's book! Sasha Shops Salisbury, written by Julie Apone and illustrated by Jean Barlow, gives Sasha the opportunity to introduce kids to some of the historic town's sites. Lots of kids have been anxiously awaiting the book and have been participating in a coloring contest as evidenced by the artwork proudly displayed on the front window.

Book Signing on October 20 at Stitchin Post © Katrena
On October 20, 2012, stop by Stitchin Post Gifts in Salisbury, NC for a book signing 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. WSAT will be broadcasting live from the store and folks can enjoy games, contests, prizes, and snacks that day. The event will help raise funds for Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary, a no-kill animal shelter in Rowan County. Shelter volunteers will be available with kittens and puppies for those wishing to adopt a forever pet, and donations of Purina cat food or litter are greatly appreciated. You are also welcome to donate Purina dog food – just make sure to sneak that in when Sasha is not looking! Kids who come dressed as their favorite animal will have a chance to win a $50 Stitchin Post gift certificate.

Sasha Kitty on Her Couch With her Book at Stitchin Post - Photo provided by Julie Apone
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