Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Katrena's Scavenger Hunt #11 – Snow Fun!

Free Indoor Scavenger Hunt for Snow Day
Today the meteorologists are predicting several inches of snow where we live. Of course, we had to stock up on important things just in case we are snowed in for a few days. My kids all agreed that I needed to create a snow-themed scavenger hunt as we prepared to hunker down. I agreed, so here it is! This winter-themed rhyming scavenger hunt is perfect for a snow day with the kids!

This treasure hunt includes:
  • 10 rhyming clues
  • answer sheet for solving the clues
  • 10 letters that spell the hidden message
  • Suggestions for hiding the clues
  1. Print and cut out the clues and hidden message letters. Click on each image below to enlarge and then select file-print.
  2. Place one letter with each clue - scramble the order if you want to give the kids an extra challenge.
  3. Hide clues #2-10 in the location for the previous clue.
  4. After the kids have solved all clues and found the letters, have them assemble the letters to spell the hidden message.
I hope you enjoy this snow-themed scavenger hunt. Once the hunt is completed, you might want to try cutting out paper snowflakes or color hexagons to create wild snowflakes, make a special treat to eat, or read books with winter themes.

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  1. I wish it snowed in U.A.E :(
    Anyways Nice one !!

    1. Thanks for the nice feedback! We did get that big snow here over two weeks ago and some snow is still on the ground even though our temperatures have been in the 60s and 70s for several days. I hope you'll be able to visit a place some time where you can enjoy a beautiful snow and build a snowman for me!

  2. When will you make 12 ?? :(


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