Saturday, August 16, 2014

Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #14 Famous Firsts

Famous Firsts Scavenger Hunt with Rhyming Clues
The first day of school is coming to my neck of the woods with lightening speed! I decided a scavenger hunt featuring famous firsts was in order for the occasion. This scavenger hunt features twelve famous firsts with clues that incorporate a variety of skills and topics, such as reading, grammar, sports, history, geography, study skills, life skills, and more.

I have designed twelve riddles with rhyming clues. The rhyming word is in red. Although this treasure hunt is designed for older kids, younger kids may be able to figure out the clues if you cut the answers and let them choose the rhyming word. Many of these riddles might spark additional conversations such as discussing more about air travel or various positions in baseball.

The directions for where to find the next clue can easily be altered to fit your individual needs. I chose places that were loosely connected to the topics in the riddles that might work well at home or at school. If you tweak, make a note of the changes.

Players can assemble the prize at the end to spell "FAMOUS FIRSTS." Hide the letters with the riddles in order, or you can create more of a challenge by scrambling the order.

While players are in another area...
  • Print the graphics below - one of each page and one prize sheet for each player.
  • Cut out the riddles.
  • Place the letters for FAMOUS FIRSTS with the riddles in order or scrambled - ensure that you provide one letter for each player with each riddle. All letters should be the same with each clue. For example, if you have two players, place two Os with a riddle.
  • Keep riddle #1.
  • Hide riddles #2 - 12 in the location for the answer for the previous riddle.
  • Give players the first riddle.
  • Once the players solve the riddle, provide a hint for finding the next riddle and letter.
  • After all riddles are solved and all letters are found, have players assemble the letters to spell FAMOUS FIRSTS.
I hope you enjoy my Famous Firsts scavenger hunt and thanks so much for visiting my Wildflower Bouquets blog!

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