Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Free Printable Words of Encouragement

Free Notes to Make Someone's Day
A few simple words of encouragement can do wonderful things for another person. Often we think we have failed if we have not finished first. However, the real winners are often the unsung participants, the ones without all the fanfare. They are the ones that played a fair game or accepted the grade they earned without cheating. They are those that keep running and give it their best even after the winners have already crossed the finish line, the ones who work hard to learn a new skill even if it does not come naturally. The real winners are the ones who look around to see who they can help, even if it means sacrificing something in return.

Sharing words of encouragement can brighten a person's day and give them the courage and energy to keep on keeping on. I love words of encouragement! And I try to remember to share kind words with others.

Here are some printables with words of encouragement. Perhaps you have children that could use a surprise in their lunchbox or backpack. Maybe a co-worker could use a lift or maybe you just want to do a random act of kindness that says "I caught you doing something right!"

Click on the image to get a larger size before printing. Select "File - Print" once the image is enlarged. You can fit two of these on one page. Feel free to add your own personal message on the back and sign them, or you may want to send these encouraging words anonymously.

If you enjoy these printables, you may want to find other great resources on my Wildflower Bouquets site map.

Free Printables with Words of Encouragement

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