Monday, October 7, 2013

Wizard of Oz Scavenger Hunt – Free Clues and a Surprise at the End!

Wizard of Oz Treasure Hunt Riddles and Clues © Katrena
We're off to solve some riddles and enjoy a scavenger hunt!

This Wizard of Oz themed indoor scavenger hunt highlights various scenes, characters, and life lessons from the popular original 1939 movie. It encourages literacy and critical thinking skills as kids read the rhyming clues, try to fill in the blanks, and then find, assemble, and read the final surprise. The scavenger hunt includes a short set-up time and very few supplies.

Click on the images below to enlarge before printing. Two images fit on one piece of paper.

Directions for playing the Wizard of Oz Scavenger Hunt
  1. Print the 10 riddles and location prompts and cut down the center, separating the riddles from the prompts.
  2. Print the 10 surprise ending clues, cut, and hide them in each area as described by each prompt.*
  3. Place a piece of construction paper over the riddles so that the child(ren) can only see the latest one.
  4. Have the child(ren) read the riddle and fill in the blank.
  5. Once the child(ren) successfully solves the riddle, read the prompt that matches the number on the riddle.
  6. The child(ren) will then search for the clue in the location described by the prompt.
  7. Once all clues are found, assemble the words so that they may read the surprise sentence!**
*Clues may be hidden in order, or you might add more of a challenge by mixing them up. You may wish to cut out construction paper and attach the clues to the colored paper or hide in a colored paper pocket to add a little variety. If more than one child is playing, print a set of clues for each child, hiding each set in the described area so that every child will have the surprise sentence at the end.
**You might wish to have the child(ren) glue the sentence on a colorful piece of paper and draw his or her own picture of a Wizard of Oz scene as a memento.

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Riddles and Location Prompts - Page 1 of 2
Wizard of Oz Treasure Hunt Riddles © Katrena

Riddles and Location Prompts - Page 2 of 2
Dorothy Scavenger Hunt Ideas © Katrena

Fun Family Rainy Day Activities © Katrena

Surprise Ending Clues - Page 1 of 2
Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Read © Katrena

Surprise Ending Clues - Page 2 of 2
Wizard of Oz Game for Free © Katrena

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