Thursday, January 30, 2014

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Katrena Allison

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Katrena's Indoor Scavenger Hunt #10: Popular Characters

Katrena's Free Indoor Scavenger Hunt
This scavenger hunt is full of possibilities for learning and fun! The ten rhyming clues give hints for where to find the next clue as the kids think of the missing word with three choices for printable prizes at the end.

Each clue alludes to popular characters one might recognize from nursery rhymes, stories, or comic strips. You might continue the fun by identifying each character and reciting the nursery rhyme or story after completing the hunt or after solving each riddle.

  1. Click on the images below to enlarge and print.
  2. Keep clue #1 and hide remaining clues in the area hinted at in the previous clue (for example, hide clue #2 where you would look when solving clue #1, etc.)
  3. Give player(s) clue #1 – when they solve the riddle, encourage them to look for the next clue using the hints in clue #1.
  4. Repeat until all riddles are solved and prizes are found.
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Here are the clues:
Free Treasure Hunt Riddles

Here are the answers to the riddles:
Fun Things to do Inside

Here are the printable prizes:
Activities for Snow Days
I created this hunt on a snow day. The kids are out of school and bored. Scavenger hunts can encourage problem-solving skills, imagination, teamwork, and can be a great boredom buster. I hope you and your family enjoy this scavenger hunt! Thanks for visiting my site.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Katrena's Scavenger Hunt #9: Civil Rights

Free Indoor Scavenger Hunt by Katrena

Brave people of all colors and cultures all over the world have made numerous sacrifices by acting on beliefs that people should be free, that nobody has the right to own another human being. Many risked their lives, their livelihood, and/or their societal status for those beliefs. Some lost their lives and many felt the pain of losing family or friends at the hands of those who did not share the same beliefs.

This indoor scavenger hunt highlights ten people in the United States who became famous for their efforts in working toward civil rights. They were not islands; they enlisted the help of many others who provided any number of resources to help these people, and people still work toward breaking down barriers today.

I have included several resources with this scavenger hunt, including a word bank and also scrambled word clues for the names to help players who might not be familiar with these American human rights activists. Although this hunt is designed for home use, it can easily be tweaked to a classroom setting with or without the hunt. Teachers might wish to have ten students read one clue each as the class votes for who they think matches each one – then you might provide the scrambled words sheet so that students can check their answers.

You might consider reading some books highlighting civil rights before playing this game. Here are a few related picture books that my kids have enjoyed:
  • Testing the Ice: A True Story About Jackie Robinson
  • Sojourner Truth's Step Stomp Stride
  • Henry's Freedom Box
  • Minty: A Story of Young Harriet Tubman
Those who enjoy videos might wish to watch:
  1. Print and cut out clues #1-10.
  2. Print the letter code and cut out each letter or word.
  3. Print the answers, word bank, and scrambled answers as needed.
  4. Hide clues #2-10 and a letter in each of the locations provided in the hunting tips. Hide letter code in order or scramble the order for a bigger challenge and give the players two "freebie" letters at the beginning.
  5. Give clue #1 to the players and the game begins!
  6. As players correctly answer each Who am I question, tell them where to search for the next clue and letter.
I hope you enjoy this scavenger hunt and find it to be informative and educational. Visit my Wildflower Bouquets blog to see more scavenger hunts, printables, and articles. Readers may also wish to read:

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Free Clues for Scavenger Hunt
These answers are designed for the person leading the scavenger hunt.
Scavenger Hunt about Civil Rights
You might offer these scrambled words to help players select the correct answer:
Scrambled Word Answers for Scavenger Hunt
These hunting tips are designed for a treasure hunt in the home setting, but you can easily tweak to a classroom setting.
Civil Rights Scavenger Hunt
 Here is a word bank list of famous Americans who were activists in civil rights. This might help players who are unfamiliar with the various people described in the clues.
Famous Americans who Fought for Civil Rights
 These letters can be hidden with clues #2-10. Provide two "freebie" letters at the beginning. Hide them in order or scramble the order for a challenge.
Scavenger Hunt Freedom for All