Friday, November 28, 2014

Katrena's Christmas and Advent Hymns Scavenger Hunt – A Child is Born!

Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt
The seasons of Advent and Christmas are made more full and memorable through a wealth of beautiful hymns, many of which have survived for over 100 years. I play the piano for my church and always look forward to playing these songs! After completing this scavenger hunt, you might want to try singing each of the hymns.

The music inspired me to create a scavenger hunt with a Christmas and Advent hymn theme. This hunt includes twelve riddles or clues, answers, hints for finding the riddles, and a printable message, which is A CHILD IS BORN. This scavenger hunt can be played by any number of players. If you have a group of people hunting, you can print letters for the message for each player and place the letters and riddles in an twelve envelopes – ensure that each envelope contains all matching letters.

If the player(s) are having a hard time arranging the letters for the message, feel free to give hints and feedback when they get it correct, like:
  • What words have only one letter?
  • What words have only two letters?
  • That second word starts with a blend that also starts the word "church."

Preparation (while players are elsewhere)
  1. Print the graphics below - click on the image to enlarge and click file-print.
  2. Cut and separate the riddles and letters and place one letter with each riddle - place the letters in the correct order to spell the message or mix up the order to make the game more challenging.
  3. Keep the first riddle and letter.
  4. Hide the remaining riddles in the location for the next one. (The second riddle is located at the location given for solving the first riddle...the third riddle is located at the location given for solving the second riddle...etc.)
  5. Place the full page message board in the location for solving the last riddle.
  1. Give the first riddle and letter to the player(s).
  2. Player(s) read the first riddle and fill in the blank. (You may need to give hints such as looking at the rhyming word or humming the tune.)
  3. Once the player(s) correctly fill in the blank, give a hint where to find the next riddle.
  4. Continue until player(s) have located all letters and message board.
  5. Player(s) arrange letters to spell the message A CHILD IS BORN!
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